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Petite girls - they look like teenagers their whole lives, their smaller bodies make them appreciate cock "more fully," and even their petite little voices sound more sexual. It's not a universal preference - the mainstream media certainly seems to think taller women are what's in vogue - but at least to our minds, there's something far more sexual about petite girls - the smaller, the hotter. Men have a natural attraction to being dominant during sex,...   Read More

Evolution of Internet Porn

regardless of whether it grows to the point of a fetish. Although television wants to portray the equality and strength of women by showing them as tall, lean, strong figures equal to a man, it's not really necessary. A woman doesn't have to be tall to be awesome, and petite girls represent the female spirit and sexuality much more naturally.

Sure, maybe if you're portraying a senator, you want a girl who's 5'11" but for woman who's both a sexual powerhouse and potent in other ways, petite girls rise to the top.

The media stereotype ideal of tall and leggy women, gives some petite girls the feeling they have "something to prove." This comes into play all throughout the sex lives of those petite women. All women love being seen as a sex symbol in their everyday lives, which makes petite women want to work harder for that status by being more involved in naughty innuendo and outright slutty behavior. And once they get to the bedroom, petite girls are a little more likely to be completely wild and totally willing for anything - when you're that small, the allure of being fucked by someone bigger than you is, well, bigger. Petite women get to enjoy having their bodies put wherever we want them, more often and more fully - so petite women come to learn the love of being flinged often, flipped easily, and fucked harder. They're easier to move, and the relative size brings out more of a man's dominant animal nature. "In short," petite women might think they have to work harder at gaining our attention, but they've really got a lot going for them in the competitive world of attracting cock.

The smaller a girl is, the more hypnotic and unforgettable it is seeing her take part in hardcore sex. Slide a big cock up against a petite girl's pussy, and suddenly it's an even bigger cock. See a petite girl daring to do double penetration, and suddenly it's way more of a jaw-dropping, drool-inducing bit of porn than it would have been with a woman who wasn't as small. Seeing a petite porn star twitch and squirm during a powerful orgasm, hearing that higher-pitched voice crying out in pleasure, ... [this sentence left unfinished because we suddenly need to go watch some petite porn.]

So that's the facts - petite ladies take everything we already love about women and sex, and magnify it all one way or another. Browse through our "petite" category of free porn videos - we bet it'll make you feel pretty big. FreePornoFreePorn.com.

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