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The natural beauty of womanhood is something we can all agree on, but some people go further, and insist on it. This is why the keyword, "natural tits," is one of the categories in our free porn galleries. Natural tits are the real deal, and for some, silicone is no substitute. A woman who enters porn and keeps her natural tits is showing a very sexy confidence. That kind of woman has nothing to do before getting down with the best things the porn...   Read More

Free Porn Natural Tits Videos

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star lifestyle has to offer. Being proud of the natural tits she was born with, is one of many ways she tells us all that she was born ready for porn.

In fact, another thing pretty much everyone can agree on is that the sexiest tits out there are the natural tits of voluptuous, nubile teen porn stars. Those last hints of baby fat, and that directness and confidence, make them erotic just to look at in conversation. Even as they grow older, these women let it show that from early in life, they were ready for sex and nothing was stopping them.

But it's not just the bigger natural tits that are hot, or that speak of that comfortable sexuality we're talking about. Skinny girls with high metabolisms, hard bodies and soft, sensitive natural tits are damn playful almost all the time, and in case you haven't noticed, a lot of these girls are the ones who will show off their beautiful breasts in their everyday outfits. They love to show us the curvy cleavage and milky soft flesh of their natural tits, and these high-energy types are are the kinds of girls who, more likely than not, will give a sly, knowing grin if they catch you looking. They're not fooling themselves or anyone else - they know we love gorgeous natural tits, and every time they look in the mirror, they do too.

Regardless of body type, have you ever noticed how girls who love their natural tits as much as we do, love to grab them in conversation? Any time boobs come up in conversation with our circles of friends, you can almost bet that one (or more) of the women in the conversation will grab their natural tits with both hands, smile and laugh very genuinely, and declare that she is very proud of her tits. It would be cliché if it wasn't so watchable.

Natural tits are, admittedly, not the most common sight in porn. Since that's true, we're flagging the movies in our free porn galleries that feature porn stars who have natural tits, and the films shot by porn stars before they "upgraded." When we ask around, fans say they love these videos because when a porn starlet's natural tits are good enough for her, fans believe the starlet enjoys her tits more and is more deeply passionate about her love of sex. Porn starlets who keep their natural tits don't seem to need anything to be a porn starlet, no symbolic transformation bridges their life into readiness for porn. Whether it's true or just a perception people have about natural tits, we can't argue - nothing's hotter than a girl who was born ready to fuck.

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