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Once upon a time people thought there was no such thing as a female orgasm - women were even said to be physically unable to enjoy sex. Ha! Today we know that nothing could be further from the truth. Female orgasms are, for a lot of guys, the entire focal point of porn. For guys like that, a squirting scene is the best thing porn has to offer. Squirting orgasms happen when a girl has been prevented from ejaculating. Just like when a guy's cock is pleased...   Read More

Free Porn Squirting Videos

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but kept at the edge of release for a prolonged time, a girl who's squirting is attacked by sudden pleasure way beyond the norm. If you've ever had your cock treated just right, so that you're on the edge of blasting cum for a good ten, even twenty minutes, then you know exactly how a girl feels when she's squirting. Imagine an orgasm so strong that it makes you damn near lose consciousness - that's how squirting feels.

Squirting is magical and hypnotic to witness. Men, in the state we're describing, tend not to know what to do with themselves. When we're on the edge of orgasm, we forget how to talk, our muscles won't work right, we start to shake. Women will shake too, no doubt about that, but they also tend to sing, and wiggle, and their legs go absolutely everywhere. Right before squirting, all that activity suddenly stops, and an expression of wonder takes over. In an instant, as the first gush of squirting ejaculate comes flying out of her, her skin color changes to a pale blush, she sweats intensely, and she seems to almost levitate from the force of her orgasm.

Of all the skills a porn star can have, squirting is the most fiercely-guarded secret. We love telling secrets - we think everyone deserves to know everything they could ever want to experience in sex, and we also want to see as many girls squirting in their lifetimes as possible. The secret behind squirting orgasms is a question of simple anatomy. Once you know the right spot above the clit to apply pressure to, how much pressure, and a few other matters of finesse, all it takes is a girl who's able to let go and let her squirting ejaculation happen. That last bit is actually the only tricky part, because it takes a lot of intimacy to get a girl over the weirdness of squirting ejaculate all over you.

Now that we've shared the secrets of female squirting, we hope you'll thank us by enjoying a few free porn movies featuring porn stars who have bed-shaking, mind-numbing, pelvis-blasting squirting orgasms. The way women react when they're squirting just puts us in a trance. The knowledge that, when a girl's squirting, it's one of the best sexual experiences she could ask for, gives the sight of a squirting orgasm all the power of a force of nature. You really have to see it for yourself - so do so, for free, at FreePornoFreePorn.com.

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