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A funny thing happened during the 80s. Reports of gangs sexually assaulting women led to the word "gangbang" entering the public mouth. This shocked us so severely that the word gangbang spread like wildfire, as we grappled with the its original, horrible, meaning. As awful as sexual assault is, however, men and women picked up on the thought, of women getting roughly fucked by a bunch of tough brutes. Lots of people found the idea of a gangbang a...   Read More

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Evolution of Internet Porn

thrill. Ever since gangbang porn made its debut in the 80s, the fantasy has stuck.

This gangbang revelation was shocking enough to transform our whole picture of consensual sex. Now, don't misread us - sex without cheerful consent, is horrible. But the revelation that some women craved a gangbang experience, and that some women even got off masturbating to the thought of outright assault, injected new energy into old gender roles. At the same time as gangbangs became popular, sexual liberation was hitting a plateau. Men and women were freely trading sexual identities without scorn, which confused a few people. Suddenly, a few women were saying they liked sex rougher than we had imagined. Instigating gangbangs and other novel kinds of sex into porn and in private, these women earned the nickname freaks. And men, most of whom would never force a woman into sex, were educated that with prior consent, and specific knowledge that a woman really wanted it, forceful coercive sex could be great. Certain women mewed and purred like never before because of the appearance of force, and the feeling of submission to several men.

Along with the gangbang's popularity came a new way for a woman to have the power to satisfy and possess many men at once. While women should always have respect, they crave to be sex symbols to men, and a woman who liked gangbangs had power over an entire crowd. Like a spider in a web, the influence of her lust and pleasure reached out in gangbang scenes. When it comes to sex, there's a lot of power in submission - and gangbangs magnify that power.

Similarly, from the man's point of view, a gangbang is two extremes at once. A devilish woman who instigates group sex when she's the only woman in the room is a titan of lust. Men who've never considered group sex before, and are introduced to the idea with the concept of a gangbang, are instantly hypnotized. But along side that long arm of power that such a conniving gangbang mistress can possess, we've never lost the original, truly risque meaning of the term gangbang. Sweet, willing little helpless things, portraying themselves as innocent little angels in revealing clothing, who keep gazing at men's cocks and egging us on to converge on her. It's still all about consent - but that original deviation, the girl's urge to have men overpower and take her, roughly and in a chain, lives on in a subtle kind of role playing. It's subtle because it's so basic, putting gender roles back millions of years for the sake of an unbridled, primitive form of sex.

Yeah, it's a throwback to caveman days, but ask us if we care. Gangbangs are the shit. Check 'em out for free, at FreePornoFreePorn.com

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