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People might make sick jokes about shit popsicles, but don't be fooled - nine times out of ten, your dick will come out of anal sex totally clean. It is, after all, a very tight muscle. Don't be fooled, because if you let those jokes turn into your mental image about ass fucking, you might not be open-minded enough to enjoy an ass to mouth blowjob and that, friend, would be your loss. Ass to mouth blowjobs are spectacular. Your cock starts in the firm grip...   Read More

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of a horny, sexy ass, where it's hot and tight, but there's not much lube - then goes into a soft, giving, wet mouth to be splashed with tongue and silky smoothness.

Ass to mouth is like the sexual version of hopping between a hot tub and a swimming pool - the two contrasting sensations make each other more intense, and more enjoyable. Add to this, the fact that it's just hot to see how much your lover wants to worship your cock. A guy or gal willing to give ass to mouth blowjobs is a cock fiend, and everyone knows, that's the kind of lover that places sexual gratification on a very high pedestal.

After such intense, tight sex, a woman who'll take your cock from ass to mouth can cool you back down, keeping you satisfied, but still ready for more. Imagine blowing your load deep inside that hot, tight ass, and then resting your throbbing hard cock inside her waiting mouth. You know how sensitive you get after an orgasm, and with anal sex, it's even more intense. Then with your cock so sensitive, it goes from ass to mouth, and your lover continues the pleasure. It's too much satisfaction for some men to take. If a woman ever shows you her thanks for a good, hard fuck in the ass by giving you an ass-to-mouth moment, you might be so surprised at how good it feels that you surprise yourself - but we bet you'll find a way to withstand it. It feels too good for words, and you don't want to say no.

Then there's the ultimate ass to mouth experience - a threesome. Picture it - you're fucking a woman in the ass while her cunt gets sucked by another woman. You pop your cock from her ass, to mouth underneath her, sliding it into her lips as she lubricates and satisfies you. Once she's sucked you good, wrapping your head and shaft in slobber, you can slide yourself back into the babe in the middle while the girl on bottom goes back to eating pussy. That is an ass to mouth threesome at its finest, and if you have a good enough imagination, you can see that it's one hell of an erotic time.

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