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Bukkake is one of the more mysterious fetishes to understand. We've got some theories on what makes it so hot to watch a beautiful woman get her face drenched in wad after wad of hot cum, and why bukkake is "spilling over" into mainstream porn, but in the end, we'll let you decide. At the most basic level, bukkake is a simple formula: beautiful face + puddles of hot cum = sexy and satisfying. But we think there's more to it - bukkake's appeal,...   Read More

Free Porn Bukkake Videos

Evolution of Internet Porn

to us, is all about what it represents to the porn starlet kneeling in the crossfire of all those shooting sex pistols.

The word bukkake is Japanese, and means a heavy splash of liquid. The word bukkake is commonly used in Japanese households, as it describes a part of food preparation for recipes that involve pouring broth over food. Bukkake porn emerged in Japan because it was illegal to show genitals on film, severely limiting the options for hardcore porn. The sight of cum wasn't outlawed, so bukkake - then called gansha - was born.

As international trade moved individual porn titles around the world, bukkake porn made its debut in the West during the 90s. Everyone was fascinated, from viewers, to porn stars, to producers. Bukkake scenes were a novel way to end a group sex scene, or could even be its own kind of group sex. Bukkake also introduced opportunities for lucky, amateur male extras to jerk off, being filmed only from the waist down, while a beautiful, willing porn starlet waited for his load to splash across her face.

Alright - now you have the background on what bukkake is and how this fairly unlikely fetish came into the media zeitgeist. But why does it work? It's not for everybody - plenty of guys and gals have no interest in bukkake, and a big, and obvious reason is that it's easy to assume this is a humiliation ritual. But the people making that assumption, apparently, haven't known many girls who like wearing cum - we have. We bet you have too. We don't mean hometown girls who want their own personal bukkake scene. Hasn't a woman ever told you she'd rather wear your cum on her body, than to swallow it, take it in the ass, or watch you wipe it on a rag or shoot it into a condom?

We might work with porn stars, but we don't often date them - yet each of us, has had anywhere between two and four girlfriends who've asked us - by name - to shoot our load all over their bodies, including their faces. Bukkake comes from a real craving on the girl's behalf. Whether it's the sensation of hot cum on her skin, or the idea behind it - bukkake and facial cumshots aren't being forced on the girls we know.

So in the end, we think that bukkake is actually about satisfying the woman, not mistreating her. Time and again on this site, we've mentioned the female craving to inspire lust and be the object of orgasms. Bukkake - watching a crowd of men stare at one woman's face and body, jacking off to anoint her in cum - is the height of that indulgence.

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