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"Do you swallow?" Willingness to swallow cum is one of the first clues every man learns about, when it comes to picking out the girls getting comfortable with their sexuality. If a girl thinks cum is gross, then no matter how flirty she might act, she's not really down, and at best, she might fuck just to please us, but meh on that. If a girl licks her lips at the thought of cum and eagerly informs us she'll swallow, she's the opposite, and exactly...   Read More

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what we want - a chick as horny and willing to please and be pleased as we are. A girl who will swallow cum is a girl who is much more than simply "comfortable" with her sexuality and her love of cock. Teen porn starlets, and young women out to prove themselves to their boyfriends as a sex symbol, love to swallow cum like it's a badge of honor. Ask yourself how quickly one mental image follows another: girl swallows cum, girl makes cute face like she's waiting for you to pin a gold star on her cheek.

Men love lips. A woman's mouth reminds us of a woman's pussy, and a pretty pair of lips quickly gets us thinking about launching hot cum inside, and watching her mouth as she swallows it down. As she's gripping your ass, guiding your cock in and out of her mouth, just the sight alone is enough to make us want to cum, and the feeling as she's running her tongue playfully all over our shaft tells us that cum is exactly what she's after. Some girls feel our cock tense and put a little more "performance" into the show, while others get hungry and start sucking with their full attention on what they're doing, but one way or the other, a girl who will swallow is a girl who wholeheartedly means to get us off. When we shoot that cum down her throat and we feel her mouth take action to swallow with our cock inside, it's outta sight.

We could go on about just that feeling alone, forever. Your cum, her hot mouth, everything suddenly much more slippery. Her lips tightening as she starts to swallow. Her tongue pumping the cum back but instead of the roof of her mouth, it's the rod of your hyper-sensitive cock after you've just blown your wad and every touch is magnified. Then after you watch her swallow, she keeps pleasing your shaft, showing you the performance was just a part of a larger cock-worship.

You can tell, we aren't just throwing this article out here to advertise. We've thought it through, just how much we love a woman who will swallow cum, and we've got something to say about it. But enough of our talking - you want to watch women swallow, not read about it. Head over to the video gallery in our free porn section, click "swallow," lay back, relax and ... yeah. Enjoy. FreePornoFreePorn.com.

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