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Fucking in an outdoor setting is probably the most universal sexual fantasy of humankind. Looking up at the stars, or feeling the warm rays of the sun on our skin, the breeze or the breath of the ocean - outdoor settings are a natural complement to sex. Stepping outdoors has a way of making us feel better about ourselves instantly, so obviously, adding sex to that just works like a no-brainer. When you throw porn into the mix, an outdoor setting...   Read More

Evolution of Internet Porn

livens up the film with colors and shadows, and even makes the sounds more rich. Cut away the walls and carpeting, and a girl who's being fucked in an outdoor porn setting is just one of the birds and bees, singing the beautiful songs of natural lust.

Think about the great porn sets you've seen - oh, admit it, you remember some. Great lighting, rich lively colors, nothing overdone, nothing lame or detracting from the scene. Outdoor sex scenes give a porno film all those qualities for free. But unlike your art-quality, indoor porn sets, which seem to universally be used to add gravity and be a source of subliminal sexual frustration to porn, outdoor scenes carry the opposite feelings. Outdoor porn tends to reflect the raw and casual atmosphere, where sex is just simple play. Instead of a calculated visual formula to make your temperature rise as the erotic performance slowly turns into gratification, outdoor porn is just people smiling, flirting and fucking.

If you've ever experienced an outdoor romp of your own, I bet one or both of you made mention of how exciting it was to take the risk. We won't stereotype and say that everyone who has outdoor sex is an exhibitionist, but it's human nature to be excited when we risk getting caught doing something we aren't supposed to. Bending a beautiful woman over a rock and sliding a pulsing hard rod into her naturally wet pussy under a clear blue sky, unfortunately, tends to fall under that category of things we aren't supposed to do - and that's why, out of nearly 7 billion people, outdoor sex probably appears on about 6 billion lists of sexual fantasies. And if you truly are an exhibitionist, then you know the temptation is great, during outdoor sex, to imagine that someone might be hiding and watching. If you think about how long people have been having outdoor sex - which is exactly as long as there's been people - you realize that porn imitates life, not the other way round. Porn is the media age answer to civilization - horny people can't just watch the village nymphos openly romping outdoors very often anymore.

Outdoor porn scenes also just make a lot of sense. So much "spontaneous sex" between strangers starts outdoors. If a woman is tanning nude on the beach, well, obviously, she likes people to like what they see when they see her naked. Outdoor = playful. We really just can't say enough in the allotted space to convey it - outdoor porn isn't so much a style, as it is a perfect ideal situation.

Do you agree? Obviously with our invented "6 billion out of 7 billion" statistic above, we're betting you do. If you're after outdoor porn scenes and everything they have to offer, click directly to our free porno galleries at FreePornoFreePorn.com and then head to our "outdoor" category. We'll see you out there.

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