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Ahh, sex toys - so often overlooked. Toys are tools of pleasure that do what our bodies cannot, allowing everyone to give any kind of sexual pleasure to any body. If you're not clear on the extremely wide usefulness of sex toys, just think of a man with a mammoth cock, and his petite girlfriend who wants fucked daily. Without toys smaller than his cock, her pussy is going to catch fire and explode one day. And without toys, just by...   Read More

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giving her poor little pussy the rest it deserves, she might deprive her man of the attention he needs, when he needs it! There are toys for men and women, ranging from the useful, to the gag gift variety, and many kinky grades of toys in between. And, like we said about strap-ons, toys give the user more control over his or her lover's experience - meaning better orgasms.

Women and sex toys parties - they're so open about it! Watch them texting back and forth as they loosen up at the bar, getting giddier by the minute. We can't tell you what a cliché it is: we say, "Damn, she's excited about something. That's one hot booty call." But after a few more minutes when she's actually bouncing on her stool, slamming down the last of her drink and rushing out the door, we know better - she's off to join her girlfriends a sex toys party. Our lady friends always pish-posh at us when we ask, "What exactly do you girls do at these sex toys parties that gets you so worked up?" Only once or twice has any one been brave enough to admit that sometimes you get to try one out, or get free toys to take home. "Wait a minute, try it out?! You girls are unwrapping sex toys as a group and "trying them out?" And you're pish-poshing us?!" Okay, we made that up. But they sure are excited...

And, would you be surprised to know how many women carry pocket rockets in their purses? These portable sex toys, made for subtly buzzing-up a clitoral orgasm, tell us a lot about the female sex drive, and how many women rely on sex the way some people use cigarettes or music - that is, to help them get through the average day. We look around the office and wonder how many of the jubilant female faces we see, are smiling about the cumming they just did thanks to sex toys. Why -do- some women go to their cars to smoke...?

And then there's toys and porn. A lot of the free clips that help companies like us start sites like this, come from auditions. A porn audition, like any job interview, doesn't need to tie up a lot of people and involve a lot of effort. We just need to see how sexual she is, and how much she likes the camera. That's why so many new faces - a few never seen again, many others earning their stage name soon after - can be seen flushing and cumming in chairs with toys, all over the internet. We've got some of that, plus much better, full-featured porn movies, free in the toys section at our porn gallery: FreePornoFreePorn.com.

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