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seeds of the future, when you hear the phrase "tits fuck," that's what intuitively comes to mind. For women, sex is about sensation and emotion; for men, it's about sensation and sight. The feeling of soft tits, and the sight of her using them to jack you off or holding them while you outright fuck them, makes a tits fuck ... well, a little weird, at first, but compelling. It feels great to be so close to her beautiful smiling face, and the soft boob flesh is a giving embrace around your hot, hard rod. A woman can stretch her neck for short periods during a tits fuck to meet the head of your cock with her mouth or tongue. See? Not so weird, just novel.

But what's in it for her? She's holding her boobs, watching you watching her, and thrusting her body to give a tits fuck. Thrusting in a sexual situation feels good by itself, and women get the emotional rush of pleasuring you. And, we betcha, either you or she is playing with her nipples. So, just the basics of giving a tits fuck can be a huge turn-on for a woman. Another plus for her, is that there's no wear and tear on her pussy yet - so if she's looking forward to a long night of sex, a tits fuck is a great way to warm her man up. We all know, that women know, that a great way to get a man interested in making this less of a romp and more of an event, is to make the man cum first - so if you're ever puzzled seeing how happy a woman is giving a blowjob or a tits fuck, or even watching another woman get fucked first in a threesome - now you know.

And the tits fuck cumshot - so many enjoyable options. On her face? In her mouth? All over her tits? After a good tits fuck, it's all right there. If she's on her back, you can easily and quickly be inside her pussy - and isn't that every man's favorite place to cum? Oh, who are we kidding - go for the blowjob, she's right there smiling at you anyway. Regardless, a tits fuck tends to be all about you, the man. Enjoy.

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