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Strap-on sex is a unique way to please a woman. Whether straight or lesbian, women love penetration. It's how they're sexually wired, and just feels right. It's unique specifically because it's not a real cock - and isn't subject to the building pressure to blow cum inside. A strap-on gives lesbians a way to pound each others' pussies, men a new lease on longevity, and everyone a way to keep going until a woman is worn out. Lesbians are often slow and sensual...   Read More

Evolution of Internet Porn

in pleasing each other, coaxing orgasms instead of driving them - but that's not universal. It sure seems like, in most of the porn featuring strap-on lesbian sex that we've seen, there has been some seriously hard pounding going on.

Plain ole' being bent over and fucked silly isn't as much a part of a lesbian couple's diet as with straight couples, so a strap-on for a lesbian is a real treat.

Then we come to why straight couples use strap-ons. A man might start out planning to fuck a woman slowly, but damn if that doesn't quickly start feeling way too good to be doable. This is why using a strap-on to fuck a girl can be so unique. There's no need to hurry in serving up plastic dick, so the person doing the fucking with a strap-on can exert any kind of control they want over the orgasms they're causing. With the strap-on, a man and woman can enjoy her pleasure with the maximum degree of teasing and rising tension. We all know that the longer you keep a person on the edge of cumming without letting them cum, the harder the orgasm is going to be. Using a strap-on means never being forced to change your plan to avoid cumming, on account of how tight her pussy is squeezing at the height of that desperate pleasure.

Because they come off an assembly line and can be shaped like anything, or fitted with vibrators or rotators, a strap-on can do what a real cock can't. There are strap-ons for every length and girth of cock. There are strap-ons for stimulating the g-spot with gigantic ball-shaped heads or even textures meant to drive a woman out of her mind in an instant and keep her there. There are strap-ons shaped like a series of balls, for the constant, repeated feeling of entrance and exit that never stops. Mark our words - we predict someday that the double penetration strap-on will become a very popular bedroom fixture all across the world. With just a specialty strap-on, even proper, mainstream married couples can have such a hardcore experience with none of the complications.

But to our mind, first and foremost, a strap-on is made for women pleasing women. After all the seduction and foreplay women heap on each other, and the long slender fingers have caused the first few clingy clitoral climaxes, it doesn't matter that these girls prefer sex with a woman - their cunt still wants to be pounded all the same. Bless the strap-on for making this side of sex possible for lesbians.

Damn, we ran out of words gushing about how cool a strap-on is. So here: FreePornoFreePorn.com, click strap-on, enjoy!

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