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If a blonde is hot because she's open and approachable, then a red head is sexy for the exact opposite reason. Red head women aren't bubbly, giggly things you can easily just sweep up and run with. No, a red head of hair on a sexual woman, is a signal that the difficulty level has been bumped up a few notches. A playful troublemaker, creator of stern and sexy surprises, possessing a challenging force of will, and an equally challenging need for sex - that's...   Read More

Evolution of Internet Porn

a red head in a nutshell. A red head porn star might be fucking a lot of people, but she ain't fuckin' around about it.

Redheads view sex like a lion views a gazelle. She will chase it down in a concentrated burst of skill and hunger. A red head will have whoever she wants, in whatever way she wants. To put it plainly: we're attracted to red heads because they sexually intimidate us with their intense desires, and no-bullshit approach to sex. This is just speculation - but the average red head nympho might actually out-animal a man when it comes to embracing primitive behavior and raw abandon during sex.

Also like an animal, when a red head gets what she wants, her pleasure is loud and clear. A red head getting fucked well gives off engrossing facial displays showing she's possessed with pleasure. As they approach orgasm, red heads are known for full body blushing, glowing and pouting lips, and for some reason, shivering and shaky breath. Even as this display of ecstasy takes them, the inner lioness in every red head makes it pretty likely that this moment is when she'll start fucking very wildly.

But lest we over-emphasize the well-known animal traits common in red head girls, let us say that they are also very sophisticated women. They tend to connive, both playfully and otherwise, and for that they must appreciate knowledge and perspective. This also gives them an empathy that makes most red heads fantastic lovers. Where a blonde will smile, laugh and pour gusto into fucking your brains out at the drop of a dime, red head seduction is a considered, calculated performance. A red head likes to spend time to make you more and more sensitive, before she starts dealing out the pleasure. It's an amazing kind of magic that we think has a lot to do with the historical link between red heads and magic.

Well, they're certainly magic on the screen. The phrase "red head porn star" is almost redundant. If they're intentionally performing, it's hard to beat, but if a red head porn star loses herself in the feeling of the fucking, then it's even better. She's not going to squeal, she's going to shriek. She's not going to grind, she's going to hump. She's not going to cum, she's going to explode into quivers. A red head, like a petite girl, is sexuality magnified, but to an animal degree.

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