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Ahh, the love of the leg. Pantyhose accentuate the allure of women's shapely stems, drawing our eyes to the sheen shine and, inevitably, leading us to imagine what her legs would feel like. Pantyhose are also a signal from the woman wearing them, advertising her sexuality. Throw in the additional appeal of a skirt and pantyhose that only go thigh-high, and you have a definite sex kitten who's just praying that men's eyes are eagerly watching every...   Read More

Free Porn Pantyhose Videos

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swish of that skirt as it bares the tops of her thighs. Such basic things, but leaving so much to the eager imagination - and all this from a simple pair of nylon pantyhose.

Just as some women are more than happy to put their breasts on display in everyday outfits, legs are a powerful asset for highly sexual ladies. Pantyhose are kind of like the cleavage of the leg-adoring world. No matter whether the pantyhose color is nude, or midnight, or something even more attention-getting like white or yellow, the point is to draw our eyes, gentlemen, so don't be shy. Pantyhose make the curves and lines of a woman's legs more noticeable. Women love to make us think about sex without seeming to be the instigator, and pantyhose are a perfect example of that subtle seductive style.

Of course we all know that women love to have their legs worshiped. Pantyhose basically guarantee we're going to fawn over their legs long before things move to the bedroom. Pantyhose are great for couples that can't resist public groping - the smooth texture as you rub her inner thigh just makes the touch more ticklish and playful. When things get really hot in public, there aren't many other parts of clothing you can strip off a woman in a public place - but pantyhose offer that chance for erotic public disrobing. And, when the mood for raw animal sex strikes two people, you can bet that an inexpensive pair of pantyhose is going to get shredded and destroyed if it gets in the way - impractical as it may be, there's a reason "tearing her clothes off" comes to be a common phrase. Try it sometime - she'll be so shocked that she'll probably cum within minutes. Yet again, all thanks to a simple pair of pantyhose.

Yet we still haven't covered all the ways pantyhose are practical for sex! While her legs are wrapped up in pantyhose, a woman's skin isn't breathing as much as they would purely naked. Though exposed and advertising her sexuality, her legs are still in jail - skin tight clothing, often called a "second skin," keeps the legs from feeling much. Pantyhose are no different, but what this means is that when the pantyhose come off and her legs are freed, they are suddenly hyper-sensitive, and even more of a source of sexual pleasure when we kiss, touch and tease her thighs.

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