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in more exotic sex situations can watch them and e aroused to satisfaction, but anyone who's been sexually active has been masturbated by a lover, has given masturbation to a lover, and has probably watched a lover put on a private masturbation show for our personal arousal. Having personally experienced it, makes masturbation porn something we can easily get into because it doesn't leave any viewer "out of their element."

Another side of masturbation that makes it a porn success is the fact that real people do very kinky things with masturbation all the time. Sure, there are probably some people within 25 miles of you right now who'll have a threesome tonight - but there are a whole lot more people who will get jerked off in a movie theater, or will get through a boring dinner party by giving their lover some subtle masturbation and teasing under the table. A hand job in public is the first kinky kind of sex that most people experience in real life. Watching masturbation in porn reaches into those real memories we all have, and makes it instantly accessible to our imaginations.

Another extremely hot kind of masturbation, is a technique that every man should have in their sexual toolbox if they don't already. Raise your hand if you want your lovers to be shocked at how good you make them feel during sex. Alright, here's the trick: have your girl ride you in one of the cowgirl styles, and just as she's starting to reach orgasm, masturbate her clit while she rides you. Clitoral masturbation during sex confuses a woman's body - it's two different kinds of orgasm. If your girl likes to be teased and pleased at the same time, this well-timed thrill will make sex last longer, and will make her crazy with hunger as you keep bringing her close to cumming with fucking, then close to cumming with masturbation. If you want a way to make her rape the shit out of you, surprise masturbation is a way to go.

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