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We've described a few kinds of porn scenes as "hypnotic" on this site, but lesbian scenes are the icing on that cake. Soft, sensual, seductive and sexy - when the boys are away, the girls do it their way. There's times when they get pretty worked up, and not every lesbian scene is done in real-life slo-mo. Get a few horny lesbians together showing off their toys, and the giggle-energy starts taking over. And - we'd never claim otherwise - lesbians...   Read More

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Lesbian sex is a great example of seduction in full swing. Women crave gratuitous teasing. The tendency for lesbian porn scenes to start with an "erogenous zone tour," where the girls are touching and kissing each other in secret spots to slowly increase the passion, gives lesbian porn a kind of magic. We almost feel like, if we were there and invited to join, we'd be reluctant to interfere with what we were seeing. Women can increase a person's sensitivity and lust very, very well, and lesbians on film will get each other so worked up, they're practically cumming before anyone's even giving direct stimulation.

But once lesbians start to really get going, it gets even better. Women have sexy lips, and when their pussies are eaten right, they're like the most beautiful musical instrument ever. Lesbians going down on each other know exactly what they're doing, and when a lesbian is feeling deviously generous, she'll eat pussy the way that drives women insane. The soft seduction, the hungry enthusiasm, and watching a lesbian's mouth squishing flirtatiously with a lesbian's wet pussy - we're falling back on "hypnotic" again. You can't look away from lesbians giving or receiving oral. If this soft, gradual effort in building up a larger-than-life orgasm turns into a lesbian 69 scene, stop the presses and cancel all your appointments. The waves of orgasms they cause each other keep feeding back, over and over - as one lesbian's mouth quivers into the other's pussy, gasping and sucking and generally losing control, you can bet that sensation is going to lead to a long loop of lesbian generosity that we, watching, could never walk away from.

Then there's the other side of lesbian sexuality. Hardcore kinky lesbians - the same kinds of women who would be wild, cock-grinding banshee sluts if they were shooting porn with a man, happily take that aggression out on each other with double double dildos, double penetration with vibrators, aggressive strap-on sex, merciless fisting, and all the many other rough ways that lesbians can please each other. Watching two lesbian girls with a double dildo between them, humping each other's asses or scissor-grinding each other, should not be attempted without a drool bucket. That goes double for watching a girl lay on her belly while another lesbian uses two vibrators to reduce her lover to a puddle of sensitive moaning. So grab a napkin and forget your plans - head to our free porn gallery at FreePornoFreePorn.com, click "lesbian," and let these girl-girl scenes drive you out of your mind.

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