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What is hardcore porn? Hardcore is anything that fits these rules: Holding nothing back, hiding nothing, and keeping an open mind to whatever feels good and looks hot on film. Taking it even further, hardcore is what you call a porn with over the top sexuality, porn stars and starlets who stop at nothing to feel good, balk at no fetish - a person who freely steps out of his or her usual comfort zone for the sake of pleasing themselves or another. ...   Read More

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Evolution of Internet Porn

That's hardcore. Cutting away from old stereotypes and limitations, and concentrating on hardcore sex acts portrayed as vividly as possible, is pretty much the ultimate route to porn stardom. Being hardcore isn't just a matter of being willing and open - it's also a matter of blazing new trails. Calling someone hardcore implies they're a pioneer, of sorts, so that even simple willingness takes on an edge of courage. Hardcore porn stars are unforgettable, because they stay in a sexual mood when others might get spooked or need to take a step back. That kind of sexuality, that kind of personality, is what makes the word "hardcore" such a universal compliment, a statement of awe and respect. Saying someone is hardcore is the verbal version of a hats-off and a bow, which is exactly how hardcore porn stars make us feel.

A hardcore porn atmosphere means that women and men are being more frank and candid with their bodies in photo shoots and during filming. Nothing is taboo, except the word "taboo." It's casual in its intensity - you never hear things like, "you wanna stick what where?!" You don't hear, "I don't think I can do that." Hardcore porn stars instead say - "Shit, that could be fun!" Or, more often, they just get right to it.

In hardcore porn, you also see a bit more rough and spontaneous action. When you let your body go, you find yourself grinding, bucking, clawing and biting. Other things you get a lot more of in hardcore porn: yelping, spanking, hair pulling, slapping, bondage, squirting, and spontaneous group sex. Yes, spontaneous - you try being a director on a set when there's a hardcore shoot going on, and convincing a top porn star to "stick to the script" and leave the random crew and unscheduled porn stars out of the scene. It's futile, and why would you even want to...

At FreePornoFreePorn.com, almost our entire porn collection is hardcore porn. There's a simpler meaning to hardcore porn - which is, "not soft core," so to an extent, it's hard to draw a line, but trust us - when you go to our free porn galleries and click "hardcore," you're not going to be disappointed. Well, you don't even have to trust us - after all, we want you to go see for yourself. We're proud of our taste in delicious hardcore beauties and hardcore porn scenes. So take your time - or do it however you want. After all - that's what hardcore is.

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