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The "more is better" philosophy of sex isn't for everyone, but it sure has tons of allure for a lot of horny customers. Let's dissect the popularity of 2 on 1 scenes and see what makes them so hot. For most guys, the first kind of two-on-one scene that comes to mind is spending the night in bed with two women. It's well-known that watching women kiss at a bar or make out at a party is instant male hypnosis at its best, but shortly after you get two on one bed,...   Read More

Free Porn 2 on 1 Videos

Evolution of Internet Porn

you start looking at consent itself as hardcore sexual stimulation.So, with this kind of 2 on 1 sex, part of the foreplay is a live sex show for the guy, and this by itself is something most self-respecting men would happily beg for. But erotic glances soon turn into invitations, and often enough, beyond the man's wildest dreams, it really does become 2 on 1 sex - as in, the two women have warmed themselves up nicely, but they both want cock and they're both very glad you're there.

If you haven't taken a swim in that particular sea of horny flesh before, just know that it can't be overrated. A mediocre 2 on 1 fuck with two women can be better than the best 1-on-1 sex. Girls often claim to be more-or-less evenly split in their desire for being in that scenario above, vs 2 on 1 sex with two men at once. Although some women fear reputations, others think they can't handle double penetration, or worry they lack sexual prowess to satisfy two men at once, two-on-one sex with a pair of men definitely crosses their minds. Men learn eventually - women can be just as sex-crazed as men can, and can have just as much of an urge to do outrageous things like braving a 2 on 1 fuck. Women lust after men because we bring force of will to their lives, which explains most of what women typically like sexually.

Getting all that attention and being sexually used in 2 on 1 sex doesn't just excite the woman in the middle, it elevates a woman's sexual identity in a way that's similar to what guys feel when we've had a 2 on 1 with two women. Getting fucked well by one guy gives her cock, of course, and also exercises her sexual power, which is to lure, capture, and endure that male and all his energy. Being the object of desire and the source of satisfaction for two on one night makes her a goddess. Whether you've done it or not, that's the basics of why 2 on 1 porn is so popular. It's porn, so we'll never argue that lusting for maximum satisfaction isn't a factor - it's absolutely the main factor in why people crave to fuck, or watch someone else fuck, two-on-one.

But two-on-one sex and porn activate feelings that don't happen during 'vanilla' sex. For those of us who love sex as both a profession and a hobby, two-on-one is a celebration of sex - both in our capacity to give and receive. At least, that's how we see it here at FreePornoFreePorn.com - so join the celebration, by checking out all our fantastic 2 on 1 porn scenes for free!

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