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Hairy bodies - natural, tactile, safe and smart. We have nothing against people who shave and exfoliate their bodies - quite the opposite - but hair is so real. So human, such an important part of our bodies, that we have to say it bluntly: a hairy body adds to sex. Hair keeps us healthier, too, and everybody knows a healthier body is a body with more stamina and drive - so a hairy body, while it might be a little less photogenic, lacks nothing when...   Read More

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it comes to the actual act of sex. That's why we embrace any hairy porn scenes we can get into our gallery. We know that, if you've developed a sexual preference for natural, hairy flesh, then it's what you want to see in your porn. We aim to cater to all tastes, so from all of us at FreePornoFreePorn.com - enjoy!

There's nothing more natural than a hairy man. Freaky mops, flowing manes, bushy chests, happy trails and hair backs - that's a fucking man. Plenty of women won't even sleep with a guy if he doesn't have a beard - so, hairy guys, don't be ashamed! With almost seven billion people in the world, we're all going to get laid, so be your hairy self. Women love to curl their fingers around our locks, smell our hair, feel our hairy chests rubbing against their nipples. Sure, some people have gone the opposite direction, and want nothing but glistening bare skin, but hairy is by no means "out."

And think about it - every one of your hair follicles is sensitive to touch. Some of the best nights of erotic pleasure men ever experience, comes from the fact that they're hairy. Women blow on us, tease us, and rub us down, and it drives us crazy. It's good to be hairy.

And women, too, can look very sexy with hair. There's no reason a hairy woman needs to conform to anything. Think of the adorable and intriguing sideburns that are prominent on some women - there's no reason for them to be ashamed of being hairy, to our minds. The same goes for women sporting generous, healthy, hairy bushes. Girls who don't shave are a lot like girls with natural tits - they are satisfied with the bodies they were born with. Hairy or not, here they cum. Arms, legs, butts, whatever - their follicles are just as sensitive as ours are, and they're just as eager for cock as a girl who shaves, waxes or zaps the hair away. And every true romantic knows, the smell of your lover is the ultimate sexual delight - nuzzle your nose in her armpit hair and, quite frankly, you might just fall in love.

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