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Group sex - it keeps getting more and more sophisticated, more accepted, and more widespread. We bet that nearly everyone in the Western world, who's just turning old enough to legally watch porn, will have group sex at least three times during their 20s. We don't just mean a threesome, either - we mean mate swapping, orgy-tastic, gang-bang-alicious, real group sex. With a group. Thank the ongoing sexual revolution. Everything that feels good and hurts...   Read More

Free Porn Group Sex Videos

Evolution of Internet Porn

no-one is gaining its proper respect. People can create their own sexual utopia, declare themselves polyamorous and, when they go home and take off their work clothes, slip into something WAY more comfortable - a pool of eager flesh. Okay, slight exaggeration - we're still a long way from really widespread, mainstream group sex. But don't fool yourself - plenty of people do live that way, and the sex positive community only continues to grow, letting its desires develop into lifestyles, and a lot of those lifestyles involve pretty casual, and very erotic, group sex.

As a matter of fact, go ahead and do a quick web search of swinger clubs and wife swapping groups in your own city. We'll wait, go ahead. Good number of them, aren't there? Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, there's bound to be more than a few group sex clubs nearby. Group sex really is becoming normal. Older terms like "wife swapping" and "swingers," carrying the taint of the days when the very thought was unacceptable to so many, has been recast with the more sophisticated word "polyamory," meaning someone who spreads love to many people. Whether that means group sex, love triangles, or even full-blown domestic partnerships involving three or more people - as we said, all these things are becoming the norm for a growing number of people. We approve wholeheartedly.

But there's no rule that says it has to be sophisticated. Sometimes people party, lose their inhibitions, and start taking risque dares they've always wanted to take. Spontaneous group sex at a party is a lot less likely than, say, pairing off in a spare bedroom - but it definitely happens. Try being stuck in the aftermath of a hurricane party sometime. You don't live along the coast? Go back to college. Introduce yourself to the local sex positives. Group sex is out there. If it's after 6pm and you're in a city, someone within 10 miles of you is hosting group sex right now. Get some.

But while you're living out your every day life, waiting for that first polyamorous seduction that turns into a one-of-a-kind group sex experience of your own, rest assured that we've got you covered in the porn department. At FreePornoFreePorn.com, our porn galleries proudly feature group sex movies which are free of charge. The sexual revolution has been and will most certainly be televised, via the web anyway. Viva la group sex!

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