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Societal repression, plus pudendal nerve endings, plus frankly fascinating and sexy shapes and textures - if you know anything about what gets people off, you might already be a foot fetishist. Sexual attraction to the foot - to any part of the body - is natural and good, but feet have unique things going for them. The pudendal nerve system connects to the genitals and ass to the brain, and from it, other sensitive nerves branch down to each foot. So sensation...   Read More

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in the foot is related to direct genital stimulation, as far as the brain is concerned. That's why tickling, stroking, and kissing a foot is so intensely felt, and can even cause some very healthy people an orgasm.

Of course, many are raised to know feet as dirty stinky things that people should hide from each other out of an unspoken kindness. Okay, sure, a foot spends a lot of time working and lying on the ground, they get a little sweaty, and they're a bit high-maintenance. But this repression of such a sensitive body part, is just one more thing that puts it right alongside the genitals in terms of most sensitive erogenous zones. Foot love is perfectly good and natural, but we can't help feeling a little guilty thrill giving and receiving sexual pleasure to a foot, because it's how so many of us were raised. Like light at the end of a tunnel, this history just makes foot sex that much more of a giddy delight.

Foot foreplay is one of the easiest ways to be naughty in public without anybody noticing. On the couch with friends or kids around? Add one blanket and you can get away with a foot massage, or toes squeezing butts. Playing the dinner guest when you'd rather be fucking? Sit across from each other, wear clean socks and shoes, and give each other footjobs - use your foot to masturbate one another.

Yes indeed - love it or lump it, the foot is a very valid sexual organ. Foot masturbating isn't easy. It's a little more precise of a motion than most people are used to being with a foot. But you'll see once you hit our foot-related porn videos section, it can be done - both ways, so don't you doubt it. A man's big toe, compared to a woman's pussy, is indeed a very big toe. Give a girl a man's clean foot at the right time and you'll be amazed at how much -you- feel from it - again, those good old pudendal nerve extensions at work.

So, from cute socks, to curling that fleshy foot meat around a cock, to giving vaginal penetration with toes - oh, and we almost neglected to mention, women's feet are only slightly bigger than their hands - there's a lot of sex to be had with feet. At FreePornoFreePorn.com galleries, we've got a great selection of foot action to choose from. As our name suggests, the porn is free, so hoof it on over and get your foot in the door with one of the best free porn libraries around.

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