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Double penetration puzzles some porn lovers and green-gill fetishists. "Why's a man want his balls slapping another man's balls," they'll ask when they try wrapping their minds around the first double penetration scene they encounter. "How can she possibly be enjoying that, it looks like it hurts like hell," is another question a DP scene inspires in the porn newbie. Seek and ye shall find, ask, ye shall receive. We have no problem explaining why double penetration porn,...   Read More

Free Porn Double Penetration Videos

Evolution of Internet Porn

and the act of double penetration, has turned into such an obsession, both in and out of the porn industry. No problem at all - because double penetration is easily our favorite kind of porn.

We all know women love the sensation of being full of cock. The pain of anal sex is part of the pleasure for women who enjoy it. Once a woman gets used to the feeling, her lust overpowers and embraces the discomfort. That's when she'll take an ass fucking as hungrily as she consumes cock with her pussy, and then we get back to where we started: the fact that some women will always fantasize of having more cock inside them than they're used to having... Add to that, the fact that many women, like men, love to constantly challenge themselves. "Could I handle two cocks at once?" It's a tempting question for highly sexual women, even for those who never try to find out.

We have some theories about why men find double penetration so intensely attractive. Men love a challenge, and in sex, our goal is to cause final satisfaction. We want women to collapse from joy, unable to take any more. A woman who's into double penetration is a challenge. Any woman who can take that much cock, that much fucking, that much sexual will being focused on them every second - any woman who decides double penetration is a welcome part of her sexual diet, obviously isn't going to be the "touch her and she giggles and squirms and starts breathing heavy' type. Pleasing a woman who likes double penetration is going to take a bit of hard work. Double penetration makes us feel pretty fucking manly.

We love delicate, sensitive princesses who moan when you kiss their necks - no question - but a tough and tough slut who craves the maximal stimulation of double penetration is an attractive force we can't resist. Put five award-winning pornos in front of us to choose from, and it's the first thing we'll ask - which one has the hottest double penetration scene? If only one of them even has a double penetration scene, you can stop talking because that's the one we're going to watch.

Since this is a free porn website and not a free double-penetration-only site, we weren't able to be quite this exclusive when we were selecting which porno movies to offer you for free. But double penetration is -not- like Sunday roast - you -can- have a solid diet of double penetration porn and never want for anything else ever again. It never gets old, at least as far as we're concerned. You'll see how much we love double penetration as soon as you start browsing our free porn galleries, so, get to it: FreePornoFreePorn.com!

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