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Right behind "does she swallow," one of the earliest sexual skills people become aware of is the deep throat blow job. Inexperienced people don't always understand the deep throating ritual at first, mistaking it for a case of brutality, humiliation, etc. "Why's he want her choking on his cock," the deep throat newbie asks. So here is the whole description of why deep throat blowjobs are done, why they're hot in porn, and why at least a couple...   Read More

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of the girls you've known have surprised you by suddenly taking the head of your cock straight to the deep throat.

The deep throat muscles are built just like an asshole. But with all that wetness, and heat, and tongue, and lips, the deep throat is its own sensation. A porn star who does deep throating well and does it often, tends to get her pussy stuffed very quickly. This is because, frankly, deep throat blowjobs feel so good, that our male porn stars are soon ready to move on to fucking another part of her body.

When a girl wants to make a guy forget all about how good a blowjob feels, and get him concentrating on how good her ass would feel, you can bet she's going to start taking that cock to the deep throat. From the urge to thrust your cock into whatever pleasing, wet hole it's in... to the satisfying feeling of those tight muscles deep in the throat squeezing around the head of your cock at the end of each push... to the extra intensity of an orgasm shot in such constriction: a girl giving a blowjob who'll deep throat your cock, isn't choking on accident. She's just that intensely committed to giving the best experience she can.

Funny as it sounds, since a girl's ass is a good source of sexual stimulation, a deep throat artist can exercise way more erotic control over a man's orgasm than she usually can while getting fucked in the ass. Getting fucked in the ass can make a porn starlet forget everything except how good it feels, while giving deep throat head, she's looking either at cock or up at our faces, and she's totally focused on the giving.

So, similar to anal sex, there's a physical learning curve - relaxing the deep throat muscles is the opposite of our bodies' instincts. Also similar to anal sex, despite the back of the throat not being much of an erogenous zone, once the skills are learned, women will do it very willingly to please their men. Men and woman are similar but different; men feel accomplished when we satisfy a mate. Women like being able to become the ultimate in sexual satisfaction, and an object of mindless lust, at the drop of a hat. Suddenly going from simple blowjob to deep throat fucking is the kind of thing that shows off a woman's enthusiasm for your cock, and they know we don't forget that.

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