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As we are fond of saying, a threesome is more sex, and more sex is usually better. The crazy thing is, a threesome can get really unpredictable. With more than two people, it's easy to keep sexual tensions high, so when a particular threesome has experience with each other, that means there's a lot longer period of time where everybody's thinking, "omigod omigod omigod omigod omigod." That leads to a very free-flowing experience of, her pleasing you,...   Read More

Free Porn Threesome Videos

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on her way to go please them. You pleasing her, on your way to go help her please them. Them getting overwhelmed and squirming off, you and her congratulating each other, them crawling back and pleasing you. Everybody gets ultra-sensitive, someone gets the giggles, someone pours drinks, and the seduction starts all over again. Are there threesome quickies? You betcha. But "casual sex" takes on its full meaning in a threesome.

Threesomes get started a lot of different ways. A lot of times it's a couple who've been friends with a sexy third wheel for a while, and the couple's daring each other to spark up a threesome on a drunken Friday night. Less often, threesome sex starts with a trio of buddies - less often because without a known outcome (the couple is still the couple) there's the risk of friends locking horns and no longer being friends. That's why it's a little more common between strangers, though not by much - that hypothetical threesome calls for a bold, irresistible instigator and the right random circumstances. If you happen to be sexy, single and out about often, you'll know it's common indeed to be hit on by a couple you've just met - a couple who might eventually get bold enough to explicitly invite you to their bed for a threesome.

There are two particular moments that can happen in threesome sex, that we in porn have found to be the most precious, condensed jewels of horny hotness out of all that free-roaming sexploration. Nothing says "hot" like two women sucking your cock. And nothing says "horny" like a woman who wants two men at the same time. These are the threesome scenes that almost single-handedly drive the growth of high speed internet. We know. You need more threesome porn faster, and you need it for free. Believe us, we know.

In case you're wondering, in a threesome, whether you can really feel two tongues working up and down the length of your rod, the answer is yes. And if you're asking yourself whether our writers really have had threesomes just "happen" and they know what they're talking about, yes. It seems we all have similar threesome stories, too: women are the instigators, and as unexpected as it is, when a girl between two guys on a couch starts groping both cocks at once and reclines back with her legs wide open ... it's not like a -bad- surprise...

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