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In some parts of the world, a blowjob is considered to be the most intimate kind of sex. A blowjob is sexual pleasure delivered with a kiss, and we on the receiving end can sometimes forget how much satisfaction giving a blowjob, gives the giver. We all feel our passions grow when we kiss. And, we all love causing orgasms. Sure, fucking is the climax of a night of sex - but the detailed control people have over their mouths, lets them express their...   Read More

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lust during a blowjob in ways that no amount of pussy control can imitate.

Yes, lips and tongue, throat and saliva - there's nothing like a blowjob. Think of the last great blowjob you got. Remember the wet tongue's pleasant surprises? Remember the lips dragging over the head of your cock? Remember the way you gradually relaxed as it slowly sank in that you were being serviced, that this was not a give-and-take but a case of one-way worship? That's what a blowjob is - personal worship at your own temple, an outright attempt to completely please you.

And if a blowjob is a prayer, then it's a prayer that you'll cum. With sex, you're always working... with a hand-job, your cock gets dry and hot if it takes too long... with a blowjob, every motion is sopping wet, smooth, and is someone else's labor. So blowing your load during a blowjob is a different kind of orgasm, almost as if you've been seduced into cumming. By no fault of your own, your body is wracked in orgasmic waves, and once you're showing signs of that build up, the one giving your blowjob worship sees their prayers being answered.

Emotionally, passionately, and oh-so-faithfully your worship service is carried to its conclusion, and, with your vibrant cock sliding over her tongue, embraced by a hopeful smile, you blow your load inside. You feel the tongue working to swallow the cum. As it pumps down her throat, her tongue swallows and slides against your sensitive spots. Intense, mind-bending, but one of the most relaxing and intoxicating ways to get off - that's a blowjob.

Pretty compelling, no?

And since it's so compelling, we love to spot the features that hint of a person who'll give a great blowjob. Big, plump, soft lips caressing the tip of a ... straw? Beer bottle? People who love to give head, also love to signal it when they're being flirted at. If someone's flirting with you, for instance just talking but every so often when they speak, you feel a rise like you've secretly been offered a blowjob, it could be the way he or she is speaking to you. These same people who'll tease your imagination with a lollypop to make you imagine them giving you a blowjob, will speak so their lips and tongue move slowly around their O's and W's - the sounds we make by moving our lips just like a kiss. It's a subtle, but often intentional blowjob advertisement.

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