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Lusting after exotic-looking people is totally natural - sex and novelty are are especially linked in men, whose bodies command us to go forth and spray cum across the globe. So, it's fitting that Asian girls, a people from the other side of the planet, would be the most -lusted-after kind of exotic companion for a Western audience. Asian girls have captivating bodies and facial features. From the dark hair and eyes, to unique facial shapes, their smaller...   Read More

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frames, and their body language, which so often mixes the lingo of shy and precocious - Asian girls make guys think about what it would feel like to "turn Japanese" in the sack with someone who already is.

There are other, hidden features that add to this sexual appeal. Being exotic in the eyes of Westerners is not the only thing Asian girls have going for them. Asian cultures tend to be extremely proper, with extraordinary pressures to conform and uphold social protocol. Think about the (extremely valid) stereotype of Catholic girls turning into teenage sex maniacs in response to their own restrictive lifestyles. Next, compare the punishments for falling out of line between Western and Asian conservative cultures.

It's obvious why Asian girls are a little different in the bedroom from everyone else - it takes a lot less to be a bad girl, in Asian cultures. As a result, the feeling of naughty thrills an Asian girl will feel while, for example, laying back for some direct clitoral stimulation, is about the same as a Western girl would feel letting two men seduce her with allusions of double penetration. Make an Asian girl feel good, and she's going to damn near fall apart when she cums. Everything an Asian porn starlet does is amplified by this aspect of her cultural heritage, and the end result is a massive, life-long unleashing of lust, met with a constant stream of smitten men more than happy to oblige a hot Asian girl in her sexual journey.

And what a journey it is. Their small bodies and sweet Asian voices open up wide for deep, throaty moans and huge shaking orgasms. The emotional side of sex, for an Asian girl, makes her sensitive to every touch, and we all know that for women, emotional sensitivity is the key to hotter sex. Watching a little Asian angel have an orgasm makes jaws drop, eyes water, and any other thoughts you might have planned on having take a back seat to the memory of her whimpering, begging, crying and cumming.

And they never want to stop. Asian-American girls are like red heads - once they grow comfortable expressing their sexuality, they can become ravenous beasts in the bedroom. Asian girls are driven to both extremes - laying still and receiving pleasure that takes over their minds and sends them to another dimension, and, climbing, almost with a fury, on to their men, and driving their pussies with the raw, sensual hunger of an animal.

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